Cebu to launch a pioneering project that will provide job and home for single mothers

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  • Cebu City will launch a program that will cater to the needs of the single mothers
  • The single moms will be employed by a BPO company where they will also live together like a community
  • For a salary of P5,000, single moms can avail of free meals, housing, transportation for children to school, staff to take care of young kids, laundry and many others

In a remarkable feat, Cebu City is again making headlines for planning a project that will help single mothers in their city.

On Facebook, Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña explained their project to help single mothers work productively and at the same time care for their children. He explained that the idea is that these single mother will be employed by a BPO company, Azpired. But it doesn’t stop there, the company is working closely with the local government to build a community where everyone gets to live and work together.

The salary is at P5,000 but single mothers can avail of free housing, meals, daycare, nursery care, laundry, transportation for school children and medical benefits.

Mayor Osmeña stated, “You will be employed by Azpired, but you will all live together in the same building to minimize your expenses and maximize your time with your kids.”

“When not in school, they will be taken cared of and grouped with children of similar age so they will not have to be alone while you’re at work,” added Osmeña.

To save on laundry, food and other expenses, a staff will be employed to do the laundry and take care of cooking, meals will be served in a communal area.

However, Mayor Osmeña clarified that this is not to promote dependency. He said, “The idea is not to let you live here forever. The goal is to give you a platform for you to launch yourself from. I don’t want to have to help you forever; to do so is a disservice and second only to slavery. I want you to have the tools you need to help yourself, so one day you will thrive. When you no longer need anyone, that is when I have done my job.”

If the project becomes successful, Mayor hopes to replicate this to single fathers and young married couples.

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