Duterte acknowledges Cory Aquino for jumpstarting his political career

Image by Presidential Communications and Cory Aquino via Facebook pages
  • The President said that he “owes” Cory Aquino his political career
  • Duterte’s mother was a strong supporter of former President Corazon Aquino
  • He also discussed how some politicians would change political parties easily

President Rodrigo Duterte shared that he credits former President Corazon Aquino for jumpstarting his political career.

Duterte revealed that his mother, Soledad Duterte, fought for Cory Aquino during the early years. Soledad, or Nanay Soling, who was an educator and an activist was one of Cory’s ardent supporters. She led the Yellow Friday movement in Mindanao; a movement against Marcos’ administration.

The President was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “My mother was one of the four original yellow guys now who used to march the thoroughfares of Davao. Apat lang sila. Aapat lang sila. And at that time, nobody was paying attention to them. But she was already shouting.”

Duterte continued, “I was appointed OIC vice mayor. That start me in Davao and I owe it to Cory Aquino. I got out from the prosecution, then started my career as an OIC, then ran after the OIC, mayor.”

He also went on to discuss about how politicians would often change political parties in favor of the ruling party.

Duterte said, “But as is the practice of the Filipino politicians, they gravitate towards the ruling party. So by the next election, kagaya dito, marami na kaming PDP. It’s a practice which for convenience and if you are a politician by the definition of the terms of what a politician is and should be dito sa Pilipinas, ganun talaga. And this has been going on, not only now ‘yung PDP, but even during my father’s time.”

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