House committees approve bigger license plates for motorcycles, scooters

Image capture of video by UNTV
  • The proposed bill requiring bigger license plates for motorcycle was approved in the committee level at the House of Representatives
  • The proposed bill tasked the LTO to decide on the size of the bigger license plates
  • The license plates must be readable from a distance of 12 meters

The committee on transportation and the committee on public order and safety of the House of Representatives have approved the proposed bill that will require motorcycles and scooters to have bigger license plates.

As per the Inquirer, the proposed measure mandates the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to issue bigger and more readable license plates to motorcycles and scooters. The committees tasked the LTO to decide on the size of the bigger license plates, but they should be readable from a distance of 12 meters.

The proposed measure – the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017 – is aimed to curb crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals.

Under the proposed bill, the LTO and other law enforcement officers would be deputized to apprehend riders whose motorcycle would not have bigger license plates. The motorcycles would be impounded and would only be released to owners upon presentation of proof of ownership, payment of corresponding fines and compliance with the bigger plates.

The penalty for the first offense would be P5,000; P10,000 for the second offense and P15,000 plus revocation of driver’s license for the third offense.

Source :

Inquirer, UNTV