Jodi Sta. Maria talks about apologies perceived as insincere on social media

Image capture from Jodi Sta. Maria's Twitter posts
  • Jodi Sta. Maria posted about apologies perceived as insincere that can damage a relationship and make the situation worse
  • Her post went viral on Twitter
  • Jodi’s fans showed support for her message

Sana Dalawa ang Puso main actress Jodi Sta. Maria shared on Twitter about apologies perceived as insincere that can damage relationship and make the situation worse, as per a Fashion Pulis post on March 12.

“Morning thought: We were taught when to say sorry but not how to say it. When our apologies are perceived as insincere it can actually damage the relationship and make the situation worse.” she said.

The post from the actress went viral with more than 8,000 likes on the social media; her many fans agreed with her post and reacted:

“I believe that will only be true on how you act after you say sorry. We say our apologies, if they think otherwise then it is on them…tama ba boss mam?”

“I couldn’t agree with u more. And when u say it so often to the same person it loses it value.”

“Very well said,though saying sorry seems to be the hardest word..with all sincerity saying sorry towards someone you caused pain is humility and perhaps forgiveness is the only remedy for all disheartening problems we encountered.”

Jodi is presently playing a dual role in the pre-noontime drama “Sana Dalawa ang Puso” as Ramona Bulalayao and Elisabeth Laureano. Her leading men are Robin Padilla and Richard Yap.

The actress is lauded as one of the Philippines’ most talented actresses. She started her career with Star Magic at the age of 15.

Last month, moreover, she posted an infographic on what to do when someone offends a person.

Is she on a difficult situation?