Kris Aquino reveals qualities she’s looking for in Bimby’s future girlfriend

Image capture from Kris Aquino's IG photo
  • Kris Aquino disclosed she had a deal with Bimby regarding the qualities of his future girlfriend
  • Kris said: “I have to like her Mom and she has to be smart, studious, prayerful, and pretty”
  • Bimby is Kris’ son with basketball player James Yap

“Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino revealed the qualities she’s looking for in the future girlfriend of her son Bimby Yap via an Instagram comment.

Kris, on Tuesday, posted a photo of her and her son to which she shared that he will be 11 soon and he’s already taller than her.

“This was from our IG Live earlier… my 10 year old (he turns 11 in 1 month & 6 days) is so much taller than me (i’m 5’3 in my bare feet, Thank God for platform heels) and he is definitely so much more madaldal than me- kanino kaya nagmana??? Good night, sleeping early- we have a shoot tomorrow.”

One netizen, in her post’s comment section, asked Kris “OMG! How fast time flies! Are you ready Ms. @krisaquino if Bimb will have a girlfriend na soon?”

To which the TV personality replied, “Yes- but we have a deal, i have to like her Mom & she has to be smart, studious, prayerful, and pretty” and she put the hashtag #demanding.

Bimby, born in 2007, is the son of basketball player James Yap to Kris.

Netizens, moreover, seems thrilled with the cuteness and handsome-ness of Kris’ beloved son.

“Ms.Kris.. I think he inherited his charms , intelligence and generosity sa inyo and maybe to his dad as well especially his height.”

“Such a great mom, you raised them so well.”

“Hi Bim! Mas malaki k n s mommy mo! Ang guapo mo Beh!” [You are already taller than your mom, you’re handsome.]