‘Kurikong’ pests attack 44,000 mango trees in Pangasinan, farmers losing millions of pesos

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via YouTube
  • Pangasinan, one of the top mango-producing provinces of the country is currently being plagued by the kurikong or cecid fly
  • Around 44,000 trees were infected and the mango farmers are losing millions worth of products

Mango farmers in Pangasinan are devastated after their trees were severely infected by the cecid fly pest or “kurikong.”

In an ABS CBN News story, mango businessman Danilo Pererras said that from 10,000 kaing (baskets) of mangoes he harvests daily from a five hectare-land in Malasiqui, Pangasinan, the numbers are down to only 500.

“P6 milyon ang lugi ko sa kurikong…Nabubulok na eh,” Pererras said. [I lost P6million because of the pests, my products are rotting].

The kurikong pests have already infected 44,000 mango trees in Malasiqui; causing a drop of 60-70% of their production.

According to the Provincial Agriculture Office, the kurikong is already widespread in the province of Pangasinan.

Severely affected is Central Pangasinan, wherein San Carlos City and Sta. Barbara town are the top mango producers.

Provincial Agriculture Officer Dalisay Moya said that the cecid fly is very hard to control because these insects are very tiny.

The supply of mangoes from Pangasinan is expected to keep decreasing.

The mangoes from Pangasinan are usually brought to Metro Manila markets and exported to countries like the U.S..

The Provincial Agriculture Office advises the farmers to lessen the usage of pesticide because it no longer affects the pests.