Image by Julia Ostan's Facebook post

Image by Julia Ostan's Facebook cover photo, Millen Gela via GMA News

Look: Bacolod teen’s very rare blue and brown eye colors

  • A teen in Bacolod has a very rare condition wherein one eye’s color is different from the other
  • It made her the favorite subject of photographers and people just can’t stop adoring her unusual beauty

While others have been putting on contact lenses, a 14-year-old lass from Bacolod naturally has blue and brown eyes and the people just love it. But some may not know that it is actually a medical condition called Heterochromia.

In a feature by Kapuso mo Jessica Soho, Julia Ostan claimed that she has no foreign blood.

And although it is a medical condition, she also said that she does not suffer from any pain and blurred or abnormal vision.

Aside from her evidently good looks, her rare condition made her stand out from other beauties when she joins pageants and made her a favorite subject of photographers.

It turns out that she’s also got brains and talent as seen from her collection of trophies, medals and certificates which she earned from winning academic contests and other talent competitions.

Meanwhile, experts say that Julia’s condition, Heterochromia, particularly Heterochromia Iridum usually do not pose a threat in the person’s overall health. However, it is advised to be checked by an eye doctor for possible congenital defects in the eyes.

Here are some of her photos:

Image by Millen Gela’s Facebook post

Watch this video shared by KMJS via YouTube:


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