Netizens go gaga over dog with “human face”

Image by Chantal Desjardins
  • Netizens posted on Twitter photos of ‘human-face’ dog’s celebrity look-alikes
  • Yogi, a 1-year-old shih-poo puppy, is a viral sensation for having such a human-like face
  • Though he is human-faced, he is just like any other puppy who “always want to cuddle and play” says his owner

Look hard and long. See that dog’s remarkable resemblance to a human face?

Sure looks like many have seen the ‘distinct’ human look particularly on the eye part and were reminded of some celebrities.

Who’s that dog?

Yogi is a one-year-old Shih-poo (cross breed between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle) who became an instant celebrity for his remarkable human-like face, as per a Huff Post story.

He is reportedly owned by Chantal Desjardins who was so surprised over her pet’s instant stardom as she shared that she has posted a photo of Yogi on her Facebook back in December but it just began circulating in the online world after a “friend’s girlfriend’s brother” posted it on Reddit last week.

Image by Chantal Desjardins

Some people thought that Yogi’s face was just made out of a face swap app, or rather photoshopped, but Chantal shot down the haters and swears that he is 100 percent a puppy, as disclosed by BuzzFeedNews.

Chantal also admitted that at first, she didn’t realize that Yogi resembles a human face until many people pointed it out on Twitter.

Well, netizens have posted on Twitter photos of celebrities whom they think are Yogi’s look-alikes, such as Zach Galifianakis, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Rudd and Topher Grace. But wait, Ed Sheeran is also included in the list!


He is a human-faced dog alright, basing from the photos, and that’s just what he is as Chantal describes her as a “hyper puppy” who “always want to cuddle and play.”