Pampered pooches fly via private plane to spend holidays with owner

Image via Pixabay [For illustrative purpose only]
  • Ding Dong and Fun Fun, a pair of 12-year-old Yorkshire terriers flew from Hongkong to Japan via a private jet
  • The terriers went with their owner, Zoe Man, to spend a five-day holiday
  • The pets tucked into an inflight meal of grilled salmon and tender chicken

A pair of 12-year- old Yorkshire terriers, Ding Dong and Fun Fun, flew on a private plane from Hong Kong to Japan for a five-day holiday with their owner, 43-year- old Zoe Man.

Zoe Man is a vice president of a textile-and- apparel company in Hong Kong, and is also planning for two more trips by private jet this year.

“I’ve asked myself why I spend so much money on them,” Man said.

“I’ve wondered whether they know the difference. But I think they do know – they must have known the air smelt different,” she added.

Man just took Ding Dong and Fun Fun on a trip to Osaka, Japan last year which costed over HK$240,000, equivalent to PHP 1,599,696.94. Hong Kong travel company Life Travel is the one who organized Man’s trip; after they started flying pet dogs and their owners last year from Hong Kong to Japan, currently its only destination for the tours.

On commercial flights, pets are typically carried in the hold. But according to Life Travel, small dogs sit on their owner’s lap, while bigger dogs can lie on the floor on their private jets. Life Travel’s pet holidays ranges from around HK$70,000, for a week in Okinawa, Japan. “Petmiles” is also offered as an added incentive.

Meals and water are served to both dogs and owners during the flight, and upon arrival at their destination, they are taken to designated pet-friendly accommodation.

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Reuters, Asia One