Pres. Duterte orders nationwide crackdown on “colorum” vehicles, arrests of operators and drivers

Image capture of video by Rappler
  • A massive crackdown on colorum was ordered by Pres. Duterte
  • The President called the colorum vehicles as “salot”
  • Drivers and operators of colorum vehicles will be arrested

A massive crackdown on “colorum” vehicles or those public transport vehicles operating without a franchise has been ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The President’s order came following his visit to the victims of the accident involving a Dimple Star bus in Occidental Mindoro. The accident claimed the lives of 19 people, including the driver, and injured 21 others.

“So beginning tomorrow, all drivers will be arrested. I told the police, the highway patrol to find the operators and jail them also,” Pres. Duterte said during the celebration of the 16th founding anniversary of Supreme Tribal Council for Peace and Development.

As mentioned in the Inquirer story dated March 23, 2018, the President also ordered the arrest of drivers and operators of colorum vehicles and to kill them if they resist arrest.

“If you resist arrest and the lives of the police were in danger, my order to them was to kill you,” the President added.

The order, according to President Duterte, was meant to curb the operation of colorum vehicles, which are often cause deadly accidents.

He called the colorum vehicles as “salot” [plague].

“Tapusin na natin itong problema na ito. Salot sa buhay natin [Let’s stop this problem once and for all. It’s a plague tp our life],” the President was quoted by Special Presidential Assistant Bong Go as saying.