Science teacher under investigation after he feeds a puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students

Image via Wikimedia Commons
  • Robert Crosland, science teacher, allegedly fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students
  • The puppy was, reportedly, terminally ill

A school district in Preston, Idaho is investigating an incident that purportedly took place at Preston Junior High last week where a teacher allegedly fed a live puppy to one of his reptiles in front of students.

Robert Crosland, a teacher at Preston Junior High in Preston, Idaho, a small city near the Utah border, is accused of feeding a reportedly sick puppy to the snapping turtle as his students watched, according to local media.

Local animal activist, Jill Parrish, is the one who filed the police report.

“What I have learned in the last four days is disgusting. It is sick. It is sick,” said Parrish.

“Allowing children to watch an innocent baby puppy scream because it is being fed to an animal. That is violence. That is not okay.”

Preston School District Superintendent Mark Gee said Mr. Crossland is still employed at Preston Junior High and while the incident is under investigation, he’s not been placed on administrative leave.