Stopped driver presents Homer Simpson license to police

Image capture of video via Gil Scharf;s Youtube Account
  • A driver who was stopped by police tried to present them with a dummy license
  • The license was complete with a Homer Simpson picture, birthday and address

Police from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom were surprised after a driver presented a driving license with the details of Homer Simpson; a character from the well-known cartoon The Simpsons.

The driving license came complete with Homer Simpson’s picture, his signature and a US address.

Thames Valley Police shared a picture of the of the permit on their Twitter account saying the car was seized and its driver reported for driving without a proper licence.

As well as joking references to the events, fans of the TV show were quick to point out Simpsons-related mistakes with the presented ID.

Among the errors picked up included the listing of the home address as being on Springfield Way, rather than the show’s used Evergreen Terrace, and the character’s birthday as being in August 1963, rather than May 1956.

According to the Thames Valley Police, the driver was reported for both offences and his car was seized.