Suspect in Holiday Manor robbery in Pasay City falls

Image from Marikina City Police Station
  • One of the suspects in the robbery incident in a hotel in Pasay City was arrested during a drug buy bust in Marikina City
  • The suspect confessed to the investigator that he was involved in the hotel heist last January 2
  • The mastermind of the hotel robbery was arrested last week, also in Marikina City

One of the four suspects who robbed the Mabuhay manor hotel and some of its guests in Pasay City early January was collared by police in Marikina City.

As per GMA News, the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Rene Cachila, and two others – his older brother Ricky and Sophia Dumdum – were arrested during a drug buy bust operation in Marikina City on Saturday, March 24.

In his report to the director of Eastern Police District, Marikina police chief Senior Supt. Roger Quesada said Cachila admitted to Chief Inspector Arman Buban his involvement in the hotel heist last January 2 where they carted away P4.1 million in cash and valuables from the hotel and some of its guests, including an overseas Filipino worker.

According to the police report, Cachila pointed to a certain Ramocito Calilap who masterminded the hotel robbery. He also identified one of their cohorts as a certain “Mark.”

Cachila said he, Calilap, Mark and another cohort barged into the hotel while two others served as their lookouts.

On March 19, the Marikina City Police arrested Calilap for gunrunning. Seized from him was an Ingram MAC-11 subcompact machine pistol, a caliber .45 pistol and a sachet of shabu.

The Marikina City Police is coordinating with Pasay City Police following Cachila’s confession.