Teachers in Texas undergo firearms training

Image via Straits Times
  • 16 teachers in Texas underwent gun and active shooting training on Saturday, March 10
  • Strategic Weapons Academy owner Tim Bulot facilitated the free full day training of teachers which aims to empower them in facing gun-related incidents in school

Teachers in North Texas were equipped with the skill to protect themselves and their students by attending a firearm and active shooter training.

According to reports, 16 teachers attended the training led by Tim Bulot, owner of Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas, on Saturday.

Bulot, an experienced gun shooter and former law enforcer, gave a free full-day training to teachers and faculty members of the local community.

He said that the gun training is needed now by these teachers more than ever. He also added that he wants to equip teachers in handling shooting incidents because they are the first ones exposed to active shooters in school.

One of the trainees, Ms. Kim Raney, a 3rd grade science teacher, said that the firearms drill will prepare them for worst-case scenarios.

Nowadays, school shootings have been rampant in the U.S.

In January, a student shot his classmate at a high school in Texas. Then on February, Dallas news reported about another incident where 5 students got arrested for bringing guns to school.

Just recently, news about Florida mass shooting, where around 17 people died including educators and students, shook the world.