Watch: Armed robber enters bank in wheelchair before gang pulls off heist

Image capture of video via Phoenix News' YouTube acccount
  • A man who appeared to be on a wheel chair has been accused of robbing a bank in broad daylight
  • The incident was caught on camera
  • The gang leader was eventually caught after a brief chase

A man on a wheelchair and his gang has been accused of robbing a bank in Argentina.

According to IB Times, a recently released footage of a bank robbery in the Southern American country shows  a group of criminals entering the building, including one member who appears to be bound to a wheelchair, before leaping up to carry out the theft.

In the video footage, three men are seen entering a city bank. One of them is in a wheelchair wearing a cast on his left ankle and also has a neck brace.

As soon as they are in the waiting area, the man in the wheelchair jumps out with a handgun as his colleagues also pulled out their weapons.

According to reports, a staff is forced to open the safe as the robbers stuff the cash into their bags before fleeing the scene.

After the robbery, police successfully traced the robbers’ leader and arrested him after a 20-minute car chase.

The gang deny the charges and are currently on trial.

The gang is currently standing trial for stealing a total of £10,670 in 2015 from a bank in Rosario, the largest city in the province of Santa Fe in central Argentina.

Watch the video below.