Watch: Fight between tiger and bear in a national park in India

Image capture of video via PseudoChaos' YouTube account
  • Video shows a tiger and a bear fighting in an Indian national park
  • The fight began when the tiger attacked the female bear

A video of a fierce battle between a bear and a tiger was captured Wednesday at the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India.

The fight between the two ferocious mammal was captured by Akshay Kumar, chief naturalist at Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, when he was leading a safari tour with tourists.

As per reports, the fight began when the tiger attacked the female bear. The tiger was said to be cooling itself in a water body when the mother bear and her cub reached the spot.

Seeing that the presence of the bear as threat to its territory, the tiger attacks. At the same time, thinking the tiger might attack its cub, the bear starts fiercely fighting back.

“The tiger attacked the bear more than five minutes. It went after the bear but she kept charging in order to protect her cub,” Kumar told Indian news network NDTV.

“It went on for 15 minutes. The tiger was roaring. It was a severe fight.”

The two giants of the animal kingdom are seen charging each other multiple times in the video. At one point, the tiger even tries to pin the bear to the ground, but the latter refuses to go down that easy.

In the end, neither emerge the ultimate winner as both of them just walked away from the fight.

Watch the video fight below as shared by PseudoChaos via YouTube.