Watch: Haley Dasovich’s response to her viral ‘taxi scam’ vlog

Image capture of video by Haley Dasovich via YouTube

• Haley Dasovich uploaded a video response on YouTube about her viral taxi driver scam vlog
• Her intention of uploading the video is to make people aware of the rampant scheme
• She also urged everyone not to send hate messages to the driver

On Monday, March 19, vlogger Haley Dasovich uploaded another YouTube video in response to her viral clip about encountering a taxi scam in Manila.

On her second video, she said that her intention of making and sharing it is to make people aware about some corrupt people who had long been taking advantage of foreigners or anyone in the country.

“I was not uploading this video to single out one person in vindictive way but rather to expose or highlight the fact that this is a corrupt and systemic issue that has sustained itself for many years, as many years as I’ve been coming in going in the Philippines,” she said on her vlog.

Haley does recognize that the country is trying look for a solution to end this abuse and admits she doesn’t have one either. Her only contribution, according to her is to at least expose this unacceptable behavior through videos to create public awareness.

The taxi driver in question, Frederick Cayanan, was arrested by LTFRB and already penalized for his actions. But instead of encouraging  YouTubers to express hate towards Cayanan, Haley instead urged people not to send the driver hateful messages.

“I have absolutely no hateful feelings towards him. He made a mistake and having to suffer the consequences on national television and be chewed out by the head of the national airport authorities is saying enough,” she said.

Haley sure did not keep bitterness towards the taxi driver, but still, the latter’s action is not an excuse to avoid consequences.

“I know he’s just trying to survive, I know that he would probably has a family and trying to make his own but taking advantage of foreigners or taking advantage of anyone for that matter is no excuse, she added.

Sadly, this type of scheme is still rampant in our country today.

You can watch her full YouTube vlog below: