Watch: Video of an orangutan smoking cigarette at Indonesian Zoo sparks renewed criticism

Image capture video via Marison Guciano's YouTube account
  • An orangutan was caught on camera smoking a cigarette at Bandung Zoo
  • The lit cigarette butt had been thrown into its pen by a visitor

A video footage went viral showing an orangutan smoking a cigarette at an Indonesian zoo. The video sparked renewed criticism over alleged mistreatment of animals.

According to Time, the footage was shot on Sunday at Bandung Zoo which shows a visitor toss a cigarette into the primate enclosure before a 22-year-old orangutan who picks it up and begins puffing on it that draws laughter from the crowd.

Badung Zoo has been involved in several animal scandals in recent years.

In 2016, the zoo was forced to temporarily close after a Sumatran elephant was found d**d with bruises on its body. This year, a video footage also emerged of “starving” sun bears begging visitors for food, which led Indonesian activists, led by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, to lobby for the zoo’s closure.

Watch the controversial video below shared on Facebook by a concerned netizen, Guciano:

This orang utan at Bandung Zoo is given a cigarette by ignorant visitors. Visitors do not know how to deal with animals, but the lack of supervision by zoo management is equally lacking, and is one of the issues which must be addressed. Indonesia desparately needs animal welfare standards in its zoos.Video footage captured on March 4th, 2018—————— Orang utan di Kebun Binatang Bandung ini diberi rokok oleh pengunjung yang bodoh. Pengunjung tidak tahu bagaimana cara menangani hewan, namun kurangnya pengawasan oleh pengelola kebun binatang adalah juga sebuah persoalan, dan merupakan salah satu isu yang harus diatasi. Indonesia saat ini membutuhkan standar kesejahteraan hewan di kebun binatangnya.Rekaman video diambil pada 4 Maret 2018Maëva Poulet Ake Prihantari Elizabeth Claire Alberts Jay Akbar Panut Hadisiswoyo Ian Singleton David Neale Lola Webber Beau Wattana Femke Monita Bayu Wirayudha Jamie Bouhuys Ardiles Rante Ichwan Susanto Muhamad Agil Aliansyah Daily Mail Daily Mirror Metro TV Pikiran Rakyat Cak Imam Suwandi The Independent Reuters BBC News kumparan Gary L Shapiro Icym Annette Gartland Leif Cocks Simon Garth Purser Edwin Wiek The Dodo Dodo Impact South China Morning Post

Posted by Marison Guciano on Monday, March 5, 2018

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Time, ABC news, BBC