Woman holds ‘funeral’ for her youth as she celebrates 30th birthday

Image via Mila Blatova's Facebook account
  • A woman named Mila Blatova celebrated her 30th birthday by holding a symbolic ‘funeral’ for her youth
  • She achieved this by throwing an all-black themed party
  • Blatova shared that she will miss the feeling of being young

Birthdays are classically celebrated for one’s life for reaching a certain age. But one woman chose to spend her 30th birthday by holding a symbolic funeral for her youth, as disclosed by Asia One.

Mila Blatova did away with the classics and threw an all-black themed birthday party, wherein she wore a goth-inspired makeup and wore black outfit from head to foot. The venue was set up with black balloons, big three-0 inflatables and a black martini.

“It was meant to be a funny way of accepting a new chapter in my life,” she told Unilad on Monday.

Though she have to say goodbye to her youth, Blatova tries to still be positive and looks forward to things that excite her like new adventures, travelling, taking care of her two little boys, and whatever else life brings her.

Blatova gave some advice to other woman who fear aging to “just own it” and “make the most of it and don’t be afraid of still having fun regardless of your age”.

She said that she will miss the feeling of being young and explained that “the older you get, the most frowned upon it is to be sarcastic and a little immature”.