World’s first flying car is now for sale

Image via PAL-V
  • PAL-V has recently launched the first ‘flying car’ commercial model at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018
  • The car company revealed its price range, features, and prerequisites
  • The 2-person car made for driving and flying will be subject to European and American safety rules

Flying cars are no longer just a futuristic concept. It’s actually here and interested buyers can now avail as it has been unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland this March.

This type of car manufactured by PAL-V promises that you can switch between driving on land and on air according to your preference.

The Dutch company PAL-V’s CEO and Co-founder Ir Robert Dingemanse shared that it was well-driven to create the first commercially viable flying car on the market. The car firm started to give options to pre-order the flying car on its website.

The first limited edition model, with just 90 available for sale, costs around 499,000 euros or 814,000 US dollars while its “Liberty Sport Edition” model will cost around 299,000 euros.

PAL-V also announced that the commercial flying planes will be made available in 2019 once they were able to secure its final safety certifications. PAL-V Liberty said the first delivery will be made in 2019 once the production model has received final safety certifications.

This special car can accommodate two persons. It’s other features include a maximum road speed of about 100 miles per hour (mph) and 112 mph when in flight mode. It is built to reach a maximum altitude of 11,000 feet and an air maximal range at about 350 miles.

The company also included flying lessons in the price package. However, PAL-V also cleared on its website that the reservation fee is non-refundable.

Although the model does not have an automatic option to convert the flying machine from a land vehicle to an aerial mode of transport, PAL-V shared that it would just take around 10 minutes to manually operate some parts of the car to change its mode.

The PAL-V car is authorized to travel under the rules of US and European safety firms. In addition, flying car owners also need to secure pilot’s license. The flying car’s pilot/driver will also need to look for an avenue such as small airstrip to take off and land.

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