“I am not afraid of you”: Duterte warns ICC probers of arrest if they visit PH

Image by Presidential Communications via Facebook page
  • President Rodrigo Duterte gave a warning that ICC probers will face arrest if they visit the country
  • He reiterated his claim that ICC has no jurisdiction over him
  • The President added that an inquiry is illegal because the country is not a member of ICC

President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a fiery speech against International Criminal Court (ICC) investigators planning to visit the country.

He reiterated his earlier stand that ICC does not have jurisdiction because the Philippines was never a member of ICC. Duterte was quoted by GMA as saying, “If there’s no publication, it’s as if there’s no law at all.”

The President also warned ICC chief prosecutor. He said, “Ikaw Ms. Fatou (Bensouda), ‘wag kang pumunta dito because I will bar you, not because I am afraid of you, I said because you will never have jurisdiction over my person. Not in a million years.” [You Ms Fatou (Bensouda), don’t go here because I will bar you]

“You can’t exercise any proceedings here without basis. That is illegal and I will arrest you,” the President added.

“At hindi ako matatakot [And I will not be afraid] . I said you can never hold me into the international criminal court simply because your position is flawed and can’t be corrected anymore. So stop your nonsense,” Duterte warned.

Malacañang had been firm they will not cooperate with any investigation by the ICC on the charges filed by lawyer Jude Sabio over alleged extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

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