Kabang’s pet owner passes away without seeing the ‘hero dog’ for the last time

Image capture from Wikipedia
  • Hero dog Kabang’s pet owner passes away
  • Rudy Bunggal wanted to see Kabang for the last time but it didn’t happen since he’s already gone
  • Kabang, in 2011, saved two girls in Zamboanga City

The pet owner of the ‘hero dog’ who garnered international commendation after saving two girls in Zamboanga City in 2011 has passed away without seeing Kabang for the last time, ABS-CBN News posted on Thursday.

According to Cristina Dianching, his live-in partner Rudy Bunggal has long been suffering from asthma and tuberculosis which had worsened in the past months — and medicines could no longer help.

Dianching said Bunggal wished to see Kabang for the last but it didn’t happen as he’s already gone.

Kabang, which the pet owner last met in December, has been turned over to an animal doctor since he could no longer properly take care of her because of his illness.

ABS-CBN disclosed that Dr. Anton Lim, the veterinarian, helped pay for Bunggal’s funeral who is set to be buried on Monday.

To note, ‘Kabang’ was famous for saving Bunggal’s 9-year-old daughter Diana and a 3-year-old cousin Princess Diansing in 2011 who crossed a busy street without noticing a motorcycle. If not for Kabang, the two could have been fatally injured.

The dog suffered extensive injuries on her nose and upper jaw but Bunggal refused for her to be euthanized.

In 2012, a nurse from New York organized a grassroots fundraiser called “Care for Kabang” to help the dog.

Kabang underwent a successful surgery in 2013 amounting to $27,000, paid for by donations from people in 47 countries.