PH, China to sign agreement on hiring more Pinoy English teachers

Amb. Sta. Romana| Image capture from video by RTVM via Facebook
  • The Philippines and China will soon sign a deal on hiring more Pinoy English teachers
  • Ambassador Sta. Romana said this is just one of the many agreements Duterte is expected to finalize in China
  • Next for discussion will be the possibility of hiring more Pinoy domestic helpers

MANILA, Philippines – China could be the next destination for many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) seeking a greener pasture outside the country aside from the Middle East.

This after the Philippines and China are reportedly working on an agreement that would provide employment opportunities in Beijing for Filipino English teachers.

Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Santiago Sta. Romana told reporters this will be among the bilateral agreements President Rodrigo Duterte will finalize during his visit to China Boao Forum for Asia this week.

“There are some minor details still being ironed out, but if everything works, the agreement to open, to hire more Filipino English teachers for China, to open the Chinese market,” said Sta. Romana during a press briefing.

The envoy added they are just waiting for the final list of several agreements that would be signed by Duterte on Tuesday, but it will definitely include an agreement that will “further deepen and broaden the economic relations” between the two countries.

Sta. Romana said China normally prefers ‘native-speaking’ English teachers as a rule, but that apparently had been relaxed now.

“We noticed that they were allowing certain countries that were not strictly English-speaking native speakers but rather were former colonies of native speaking countries and so under that provision or under that — when they allowed that, it was very clear the Philippines was part of that, it could not be excluded,” he said.

Next on the table for discussion, the ambassador noted, is the possibility of sending more domestic helpers to China to work for the growing middle-class family.