Sperm whale found dead with 29 kilos of trash in its digestive system

Image capture of video via AB News YouTube account
  • The body of the a male sperm whale was found at Cabo de Palos in Spain in February
  • An autopsy uncovered 29 kilos of  garbage waste in its intestines and stomach

A sperm whale who was found on the southern coast of Spain was reportedly killed by swallowing 29 kilos of garbage, government officials have confirmed.

The 29 kilos of garbage include plastic bags, ropes, fishing nets and a drum and were found lodged inside the mammal’s digestive system.

The marine mammal was discovered near the small resort of Cabo de Palos in the southeast Murcia region in February.

While analyzing the dead sperm whale, experts from the region’s El Valle Wildlife Rescue Centre noted that it was around 32-foot long and weighed more than six tons.

The animal’s tragic death has prompted Murcia’s regional government, alongside the European Environmental Association and the European Fund for Regional Development, to launch a campaign against ocean waste.