Angara’s 2007 campaign jingle singer Sarah Geronimo pays last respect to him

Images via Senator Sonny Angara's Instagram account and late senator Edgardo Angara's campaign video
  • Popular singer Sarah Geronimo paid her last respect to the late Senator Edgardo Angara
  • Sarah was accompanied by her parents
  • The Kapamilya artist sang Edgardo’s campaign jingle in 2007

Popular singer Sarah Geronimo, who sang late Senator Edgardo Angara’s campaign jingle in 2007, paid her last respect to the former lawmaker.

On Instagram, Senator Sonny Angara uploaded a photo of Sarah and her parents during the wake of his father.

“Was nice of Sarah Geronimo @justsarahgph and her parents to pay their last respects to my father last week,” he wrote on the caption of the picture she posted.

Image via Senator Sonny Angara’s Instagram account

“She sang his jingle as a 17-year-old back during the 2007 senatorial elections,” Sonny recalled.

Image via late senator Edgardo Angara’s campaign video

A lot of Instagram users recalled such campaign video.

“Yass! I remember this. I was hesitant whom to vote during elections. But when I heard Sarah G’s jingle to Angara, I voted for him,” said @marvin13_1313.

“I remember that jingle! She patterned it to her song ‘Sa Iyo’,” @raissapunodiaz wrote.

While @lesterretsel quoted the lyrics, “Sa iyo ang tiwala ko. Sa iyo hangang-hanga ako.”

Throwback. Here’s the campaign jingle sung by Geronimo in 2007: