Boyfriend gives his girl a huge heart-shaped bouquet of banknotes worth millions of pesos on her birthday

Image via South China Morning Post
  • An unnamed man in China gave a bouquet of banknotes to his girlfriend as a birthday gift
  • The banknotes are worth 334,000 yuan or 2,739,112 pesos
  • On the other hand, a branch bank manager did not like what he did and said that he is guilty of criminal offence

A man from China gave his girlfriend a bouquet for her birthday. However, it was not just an ordinary bouquet of flowers.

He apparently gave his girlfriend a giant bouquet made of banknotes amounting to 334,000 yuan (2,739,112 pesos). The banknotes were folded into origami flowers, as per a story by South China Morning Post.

A person who attended the party on May 16 revealed that the bouquet took seven people from a local florist to arrange it and 10 hours to complete: “The arrangement took seven people more than 10 hours to complete.”

Image via South China Morning Post

Another guest at the party was amazed by the guy’s sweet and generous gesture and said, “The man really loves his girlfriend,” adding that the boyfriend’s family “has plenty of money”.

Image via South China Morning Post

Since a huge amount of money is involved, the banknote bouquet was arranged in the venue of the birthday celebration for security reasons.

On the other hand, the romantic excitement did not move the branch manager from the People’s Bank of China. He said that the guy may be guilty of a criminal offence due to the “intentional destruction of renminbi [the formal name for the yuan]”.

“Using renminbi to make bouquets is an act of ‘not treasuring the notes’, and should be forbidden,” he said.

Image via South China Morning Post

“There are many ways to declare love, but no one should go against the law,” the manager added.

There was no confirmed news yet if the banknotes were damaged while arranging the bouquet.