DOLE names Top 20 Philippine Companies engaged in employing contractuals

Image via DOLE
  • DOLE unveiled the list of 20 companies in the country with most number of contractual employees
  • A Fast Food Chain giant is on top of the list with over 14,000 contractual workers
  • According to Labor Secretary Bello more than 170,000 contractual employees got regularized as of May 2018

On Monday, May 28, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced the top 20 companies in the Philippines involved in labor-only contracting.

As per Labor Advisory No. 10 Series of 2016, labor-only contracting is defined as “an arrangement where the contractor or subcontractor merely recruits, supplies, or places workers to perform a job, work, or service for a principal.”

Image by DOLE

According to Inquirer, DOLE’s list includes huge companies mostly from the food, telecommunication and mining industries.

Based on the data, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) tops the list with the most number of contractual employees (14,960 workers). It was followed by JFC, a fruit-canning company of Dole Philippines, Inc. (10,521 workers).

Image via PhilNews

The following companies are included in the list:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone ( 8,310 contractual)
Philsaga Mining Corporation (6,524 contractual)
General Tuna Corporation (5,216 contractual)
Sumi Philippines Wiring Systems Corporation (4,305 contractual)
Franklin Baker Inc. (3,400 contractual)

Pilipinas Kyohritsu, Inc. (3,161 contractual)
Furukawa Automotive Systems Phil., Inc (2,863 contractual)
Magnolia Inc. (2,284 contractual)
KCC Property Holdings, Inc. (1,802 contractual)
Sumifru Philippines, Corp. (1,687 contractual)

Hinatuan Mining Corporation (1,673 contractual)
KCC Mall de Zamboanga (1,598 contractual)
Brother Industries (Philippines) Inc. (1,582 contractual)
Philippine Airlines & PAL Express (1,483 contractual)
Nidec Precision Philippines Corporation (1,400 contractual)

Peter Paul Phil. Corporation (1,362 contractual)
Dolefill Upper Valley Operations (1,183 contractual)
DOLE-Stanfilco (1,131 contractual)

According to DOLE Secretary Secretary Silvestre Bello III, SM Mall which also has contractual was not included on the list because it recently submitted documents related to its voluntary regularization program for 2018. Their program would include the regularization of at least 10,000 employees.

The Labor Secretary added that as of May 11, 2018, 176,286 contractual employees have been regularized by their companies.