Duterte defends self from criticism, “I am not an Anti-Woman”

Image via Philippine Star
  • Pres. Duterte defends himself from criticism
  • He declared that he is not anti-woman
  • Female activists #Babaeako movement continues to spread their influence through social media

On Monday, May 28, President Rodrigo Duterte answered accusations that he is allegedly against female leaders in the country. As disclosed by Inquirer, President Duterte explained that he is not against female leaders.

He reiterated that in the past he even offered himself to be taken captive in place of a woman during a 1989 hostage incident in his hometown Davao City.

During the signing of the Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018 in Malacañang, the President urged the public not to believe the rumors and accusations behind the social media campaign with the hashtag #BabaeAko.

Image by Jake Verzosa

He urged the Filipino citizens not to believe those who are criticizing him. He said he isn’t rude and he is not against women.

Female activists were against some of President Duterte’ s speech specifically those which seemed to degrade or belittle women leaders.

According to Inquirer, the President was criticized for making anti-women remarks towards Conchita Carpio Morales from the office of the Ombudsman. He said he doesn’t want a female to lead that office.

Image via Usapang P Facebook page

Aside from that, the President also mentioned earlier that he doesn’t want the next Chief Justice to be a woman. Thus, the #Babaeako movement continues to spread on social media as a sign of protest and at the same time serve as a correction to Pres. Duterte.