Female news anchor suspended for calling colleague handsome on live TV

Image capture of video via Raj 360's YouTube account
  • Basima al-Shammar, a TV host, has been suspended for jokingly calling her colleague ‘handsome’ on air
  • The middle-east is known for suppression of women’s rights and imposing ridiculous restrictions on women

A female TV news anchor has been suspended after she called her male colleague ‘handsome’ on live TV.

The TV host, Basima al-Shammar, was covering Kuwait’s municipal election last weekend when she got into trouble for alerting her male colleague, albeit jokingly, to stop fixing his hair as he already looked handsome -all the while they were going live on national television.

“Nawaf, you don’t need to adjust your gutra, you’re handsome as is,” she said in a video that has now gone viral.

The video of what appears to be just a normal banter has been circulated around social media and has become the talk of town in Kuwait; upsetting numerous Kuwaiti politicians.

Kuwait’s MP Mohammad Al Hayef had tweeted the country’s Minister of Information that runs the station and has asked to take measures against the TV presenter.

On the other hand, Shammar, made a comment on the incident saying:

“What happened is not a joke or something else. It is well known that the customs of communications in the Gulf, is that when you see someone adjusting his attire, you tell him: you look good or handsome… that is what I told him you don’t need to adjust your head garment you look handsome, meaning your attire looks good, and you are in good shape, and we’re waiting for you to report the news.”

According to a local newspaper, the Ministry of Information said the woman’s suspension is temporary and will not be finalized until she’s been investigated over the incident.