Japanese train company apologizes for 25-second early departure

Image via Pixabay
  • A Japanese railway company apologized for leaving 25 seconds earlier than the scheduled departure
  • The company admitted that it was their train conductor’s error in scheduling that caused the inconvenience

Delayed train arrivals usually cause people to get anxious or annoyed but how would a passenger feel if it leaves a few seconds earlier than expected.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a train arrived 25 seconds earlier than scheduled.

On May 11, a train left Notogawa station at 7:11:35 a.m. instead of leaving at exactly 7:12 a.m. Other than this, train operations remained on schedule that day.

With the earlier time of departure, one person missed the train. Despite this seemingly minor inconvenience, West Japan Railway Company ( JR West) issued an apology.

According to Asia One, the railway company issued an official apology explaining that it was their train conductor’s mistake on scheduling. As a result, the train door closed earlier than the supposed time of departure.

The Japanese train company reassured their customers that it won’t happen again. Japanese culture highly value time. It seems like they do not want to cause any delay or inconvenience by missing the exact scheduled time of their task.

In 2017, another Japanese company, Tsukuba Express line also expressed being sorry for leaving 20 seconds ahead of time.