Jessy Mendiola wears old clothes, shows how much weight she lost

Image via Jessy Mendiola's Instagram account
  • Jessy Mendiola shared an Instagram story showing how much weight she lost
  • Jessy was often labelled “Pata Girl” 
  • She also gave advice to girls like her

The often labelled “Pata Girl”, Jessy Mendiola, and her journey from body shaming to fabulous sexy body is not concealed to her fans. She kept her followers on track for the past months sharing how she strives to achieve her figure.

The 2016 FHM’s sexiest Filipina created an Instagram story on Tuesday, May 29, about how much weight she has lost.

“My favorite pair of high-waist jeans aren’t so high-waisted anymore. Kuripot kasi talaga ako guys, pero siguro sign na ‘to para bumili na ng mga bagong damit? Tingin niyo?” she captioned her post.

[My favorite pair of high-waist jeans aren’t so high-waisted anymore. I’m really stingy guys, but this must be the sign that I should buy some new clothes? What do you think?]

Image via Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram story

Meanwhile, Jessy also shared how she manages to overcome depression according to PUSH.

“I thought of myself as sexy, strong and beautiful in my own way. I started building myself up again despite what other people say (until now they call me names) and have lost 15 lbs since. I learned to eat moderately and exercise to feel good, to be energized rather than by punishing myself for eating chocolates or that blueberry muffin. I started accepting my built and switched my work out according to my body type.”

According to her, everything is just a matter of changing perspective.

“I still see myself as the ‘pata girl’ and it’s okay, it is just a matter of perspective. When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place. I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough. Shout out to every ‘pata girl’ out there, just keep going. Love yourself, love your body and it will love you back.”