LOOK: Bettinna Carlos proudly shares her daughter Amanda’s 98.62% GWA in school

Image via Bettinna Carlos' Instagram account
  • Bettinna Carlos proudly shared on social media her daughter’s 98.62% GWA 
  • Her daughter Amanda became a valedictorian last year
  • The proud mother expressed her joy for having such a daughter

Moms would always be the biggest fans of their kids whenever they achieve something every parent would be proud of.

Just like the celebrity mom Bettinna Carlos who would definitely post her daughter’s academic achievement.

On her Instagram post she proudly shared her little girl’s excellent GWA (General Weighted Average) which is 98.62%.

She also revealed that this is not the first time her smart daughter attained such a high grade. On her post she said that Amanda gave a valedictory speech last year.

“Last year you gave a valedictorian speech my love. This year you gave me almost the same GWA (98.97 then, 98.62 now),” Bettina said.

The 30-year-old actress continued her message by expressing how grateful she is for having Amanda as her daughter.

“Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness to guide and protect my child. Now we move on to a new schooling where numeric grades are almost nonexistent. I love you G. Always, forever and no matter what.  Above and beyond your grades, I praise and thank God for your loving kindness and obedient heart. @gummybites7,” she added.