Manny Pacquiao gives money, promises job, house and lot to ice cream vendor

Image Capture of Video by Jen Manilay via Facebook page
  • Senator Manny Pacquiao met an ice cream vendor named Manong Marciano
  • The man had already suffered a stroke but with 3 children to feed, he still works everyday
  • Pacquiao gave the ice cream vendor some money, house and lot and even a job

Senator Manny Pacquiao showed that more than being a boxing champ, he is also a “People’s champ.”

A video shared by Jen Manilay on Facebook showed how Pacquiao empathized with an ice cream vendor and he didn’t hesitate to turn the latter’s life around.  She narrated that their group was having a hot weather in General Santos City and decided to call Manong Marciano, an ice cream vendor. Manilay bought 10 pieces of ice cream and was going to pay P1,000 when Pacquiao asked to meet the ice cream vendor instead.

Image by Manny Pacquiao via Facebook page

The boxer-turned-senator graciously handed out P3,000 to Manong Marciano. But during their chitchat wherein the vendor revealed that he had just suffered a stroke but still had to work, Pacquiao decided to give more. He decided to give P30,000 to Manong Marciano.

But the story didn’t end there because when Pacquiao learned that the exhausted ice cream vendor with three children was only renting, he offered them a house and lot and even a job.

Manilay wrote, “and MP suddenly said… ‘ngrerenta ka? Next week bibigyan kita ng bahay at lupa.’” [Are you renting? Next week, I will give you house and lot.”

Mang Marciano couldn’t believe his luck and became teary-eyed. He was even offered a job by the senator.

You can watch the videos from Jen Manilay’s Facebook page:

The second video showed their happiness for Manong Marciano: