Mariel Padilla places her heavy weight photo in refrigerator to avoid eating too much

Images via Mariel Padilla's Instagram account
  • Mariel Padilla shared a funny yet effective trick to maintain her figure
  • She placed a fat photo of her in the refrigerator to remind herself not to eat too much anymore
  • She promised to control her appetite this time

After admitting her struggle of being ‘too large’ during pregnancy, actress Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla successfully shed off more than 40 pounds.

During her interview with PEP, the celebrity actress revealed her funny yet effective technique maintaining her current weight.

She first recalled her heaviest weight days when she hit 178 pounds: “One pata [thigh] was 26 [in measurement]! That was my waistline before! One pata [thigh]! Imagine that!” she exclaimed.

Now that she’s back in shape, the actress promised not to become too fat again by monitoring her eating habits.

She said, “Portion control is the best because I still eat what I want to eat. If today, I’m in the mood for pasta, I’ll eat pasta. But I won’t eat all of it, okay? I’ll share with someone, ganyan [like that].”

To also avoid eating too much, Mariel placed her fat pregnancy photo inside the refrigerator so she could at least control herself.

“I put this in my kitchen to help motivate me!!! Haha! So, every time I open the refrigerator, I decide… do you really want to do that?!?!?!” she added.

Image via Mariel Padila’s Instagram story

The actress-host admitted experiencing postpartum depression with her firstborn child Maria Isabella, but with the help of her husband Robin, she overcame it all.

In her past interviews, she revealed that she came to a point that she didn’t want to socialize outside and even updating photos in her social media account became her struggle.