Mej? Maris Racal gives hint on relationship status with Iñigo Pascual

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  • Maris Racal gave a hint on her relationship status with Iñigo Pascual
  • The 20-year-old actress admits their obvious love for each other
  • She also clarified the issues of giving her closeness to Carlo Aquino and Sue Ramirez

Netizens and fans are intrigued with Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual’s real score. But during an interview with PEP, Maris threw a hint about their relationship.

During their Cinema News fans’ day, the 20-year-old actress was asked about her status with Iñigo and answered, ”Paano ba? Paano ko ba sasabihin? Obviously, mahal namin ang isa’t isa. Okay lang… Kung kami na? Mej.”

[How am I going to say this? Obviously, we love each other. We’re okay…Are we together? well, kind of.]

Mr. Frisco

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She also took the chance to say thank you for the overwhelming support of “MarNigo” fans that came.

Mariz expressed her admiration for their energy and love. And seeing their fans in person makes her happy.

“Nakikita lang namin sa Instagram, Twitter. I’m so happy to see them in person. I know marami pa rin naman sa online, sobrang happy na kami sa binigay nila sa amin.” she said.

[We only get to see them on Instagram, Twitter. I’m so happy to see them in person. I know there are still lots of them online. We’re so happy for what they gave us.]

Meanwhile, she clarified the issue giving malice between her and actor Carlo Aquino for seeing them together several times.

“Alam mo yung kuya crush? Parang ganun. Parang kuya ’tapos ina-idol ko siya ever since bata pa lang ako, wala namang malisya yun.” she explained.

[Do you know that brotherly love? Like that. It’s like ‘a big brother you’re idolizing ever since I’m young. There’s no malice on that.]

She also mentioned how people make malice out of her closeness to co-kapamilya actress Sue Ramirez. But, no; they really are just friends.

To more music nights with you ? ps. im buying the right foundation shade now.

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