Noynoy’s no ‘wang wang’ policy continues, says Pres. Duterte

Images via With Government/Get Real Post /Inquirer
  • President Duterte said that he would maintain former President Aquino’s no “wang wang” policy in his administration
  • He reminded government officials that the “no siren” policy is still being implemented after some traffic issues were raised

On Wednesday, May 3, President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned in his speech that he is going to continue the implementation of the no “wang wang” policy of the previous administration.

This policy aimed to discourage high-rank government officials, celebrities and other private citizens to make use of sirens to get ahead of other vehicles on the roads especially during heavy traffic jams.

During his speech at the distribution of land titles to Mulanay, Quezon farmers, Duterte made it clear that he will still implement the no siren (no wang-wang) policy up to these days since there were some traffic issues that reached his office regarding the incidents when officials overused their powers by getting special privileges to get past traffic jams.

Historically-speaking, the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the one who decreed a law in 1973 on the usage of siren and similar devices. Based on this law, these attention-getting sound devices may be attached to, and used only on official government automobiles and vehicles used by officers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Office, Police Departments, Fire Departments, and hospital ambulances.

In addition, this law states that the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker, and the Chief Justice’s vehicles are entitled to use these devices.

It could be recalled that even Aquino modeled his no to “wang-wang” in government. He didn’t allow himself to be given a special privilege on the road even if he has important appointments.