OFWs in Trinidad and Tobago bring smiles to children in orphanage

Image by Alan Manzano Tulalian? via Facebook page
  • A group of OFWs based in Trinidad and Tobago held a charity program
  • They fed children in an orphanage
  • The group has been consistently making charity programs in the area

Because giving from the heart brings joy immeasurable!

A group of Overseas Filipino Workers in Trinidad and Tobago brought joy and smiles to children in an orphanage.

A photo shared by Alan Manzano Tulalian to GMA showed how he and other Filipino workers fed almost 20 kids in an orphanage in the Carribean state. For their ‘impromptu’ feeding program, they gave pizza and fried chicken to the kids. It’s not the first time that the group held a feeding program as they have been consistently making charity programs in the area. Last year, they also held a charity program under the group’s Caribbean island Anguilla chapter.

Tulalian shared that their motivation for the selfless act was pretty simple –they want the kids and staff of the orphanage to be happy.

Source :

Facebook, GMA