Scarlet Snow ‘opens’ Chinese resto, Alden enjoys being first customer

Image Capture of Video by Vicki Belo via Instagram account
  • Scarlet Snow Belo enjoyed playtime with Alden Richards
  • Scarlet “opened” a Chinese restaurant and Alden was her first customer
  • Netizens couldn’t help but gush over the toddler’s latest antics

Scarlet Snow Belo is again into her adorable antics. This time, she had the Pambansang Bae with her to play with.

Alden Richards was a willing customer to Scarlet’s Chinese restaurant. The adorable toddler enjoyed a fun playtime with Alden.

On Vicki Belo’s Instagram account, she shared a short clip of Alden enjoying Scarlet’s cooking. She wrote, “@scarletsnowbelo opened her Chinese Restaurant and Kuya @aldenrichards02 was lucky enough to be her first customer! Did Kuya Alden like kaya what she served? Uh oh.”

When Alden tried to eat his food, Scarlet told him, “Just pretend.” The two playmates were also accompanied by Scarlet’s huge teddy bear.


Here’s the video clip from Vicki Belo’s Instagram account:

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GMA, Instagram