Adorable Scarlet Snow reciting the ten commandments at age three

Images via Scarlet Snow Belo's Instagram account
  • Scarlett Snow Belo once again mesmerized her followers with her recital of the Ten Commandments
  • Her video has received positive comments
  • The couple doctors were also praised for their patient teaching of their daughter, especially Hayden Kho

The well-loved celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo just turned three a few months back, but she already has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account and it’s no wonder why.

The adorable daughter of popular celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho is a neat stress reliever and you’d want to watch her again and again.

It’s so amazing to see that she’s smarter than average and match that with her tantalizing eyes and magnetic smile… who wouldn’t be hooked?

On top of her attending preschool, she’s into a lot of other things as well like swimming, gymnastics, piano lessons, voice lessons, and she’s already speaking Mandarin, too.

And presently, she’s attracting more likes with her recital of the Ten Commandments under the special participation of her ever patient Dad Hayden.

“Wow! Salute to you Dr @dochayden and Dr @victoria_belo !!! I truly admire parents who groom their children to be God-loving and God-fearing individuals. @scarletsnowbelo is my daily dose of happy pill “

“Scarlet is so brilliant…”

“You’re an angel sent from God, to make us smile a little more little smart scarlett!”

The caption on her video says: “But the most important rule, Jesus said, is to love God and love one another! Good night, peoples!”

Last month she also made her followers admire her more with her attempt to sing the country’s national anthem “Lupang Hinirang”.