“Advance ako mag-isip” Student prints name on all his yellow paper to stop giveaways

Image by John Ambrocio via Twitter account
  • Student got tired of all his classmates asking for paper all the time
  • John Cyril F. Ambrocio decided to print his name on all his yellow paper
  • He admitted that his supply of paper keeps on running out that he needed to find a way to save

A student got tired of all his classmates always asking for paper; hence, he decided it was time to stir up a brilliant idea.

On Twitter, John Cyril F. Ambrocio shared his “kadamutan 101” tip that lessened his giveaways of yellow paper. He decided to print his name on the top corner of all his yellow paper. Yes, he painstakingly printed his name on an entire yellow pad paper.

The student tweeted, “Pinrintan ko ang pangalan ko lahat ng yellow pad ko para walang humingi sa ‘kin. *Advance ako mag-isip* #kadamutan101.” [I printed my name on all my yellow pad paper so others would stop asking. I think in advance.]

The Grade 12 STEM reportedly shared with When in Manila, “Hindi naman sa pagdadamot, pero I just realized na wala pang one month, paubos na agad yellow pad ko jusko.” [It’s not that I am greedy but I realized that my supply won’t even last for a month.]

He also admitted that his first idea was to write his name on each of the yellow paper by hand. Sure is a good thing he later on realized it’s so much easier to let the printer do it for him.

Ambrocio was impressed with how his ingenious idea works. He said, “Nakakatuwa ba na gumana kase kahit papaano, hindi na agad ako mauubusan. “ [It feels great that it actually worked because I no longer run out of supply.]

The resourceful student pointed out that he is only “greedy” when it comes to paper. His reason was quite simple, “Pero sa papel lang naman ako nagdadamot. Wala kase sila sa budget ng mama ko.” [But I’m only greedy when it comes to paper. That’s because my classmates who keep on asking are not part of my mother’s budget.]

Meanwhile, he also shared how he printed his name to those who asked how he did it.