Amazing: Cebuano twins doing the beatbox earn admiration from netizens

Image capture of video by BaDz via Facebook account
  • Twin boys become viral sensation because of their beatbox skills
  • The Grade 7 boys hail from Carcar City. Cebu
  • The boys were visited by the Kapamilya network team and given bags and school supplies

Netizen BaDz shared on Facebook a video of a pair of twin boys doing the beatbox — and it has gone viral.

The twins,  Joemar and Jake Canencia, of Valencia, Carcar City, Cebu are in Grade 7 and studying at the Tal-ut National High School.

Their viral clip reached the kapamilya Network and they were visited by a team from ABS CBN.

According to an ABS CBN story, the twin’s mother, Yda Canencia, disclosed that her boys developed a fondness for doing beatbox since they were little kids. At present, Joemar and Jake, she said, had been practicing different song beats.

The boys have lost their father and only their mother Yda and grandmother Disocora are providing for their needs and the twins reportedly help by gathering woods to sell to help in the finances.

Their mother had asked her boys to stop going to school because of their hardship, but apparently, Joemar and Jake are strong-willed and prefer to continue their studies.

Just look at their smiles! It’s so easy that they’re happy kids despite their predicament in life.

Image capture of video by BaDz via Facebook account

It is their strong desire to graduate from college, be able to work and pursue their love for music by becoming drummers, the report said.

The ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya team gifted them with bags and school supplies. Such a blessing!

Commenters have flooded their clip with admiration and many have expressed their wish for the boys to have assistance; perhaps from their LGU? Why not? Indigent kids who desire to have education deserve some scholarship grant, right? Especially as they no longer have their father around.

Meanwhile, here’s their viral video uploaded by BaDz. Views are on the way to reaching 4 million.