Andrea Brillantes reveals reason behind “3-calculator apps” which sparked interest of netizens

Images capture of video via Youtube (PEP)
  • Andrea Brillantes finally decided to speak up regarding her 3-calculator apps which netizens are making fun of
  • The young actress said it’s just a calculator
  • Many netizens were speculating though that one of the calculator apps in her phone functions as a secret vault

Finally, teen actress Andrea Brillantes has spoken up regarding the year-long constant debate on social media about the mystery behind her three calculator apps on her smartphone.

A year ago, Brillantes made a 4-minute video revealing the contents of her mobile phone on PEP’s “What’s on My Phone.” In the video, netizens were able to spot three different calculator apps on her phone which spawned interest to many.

Some made fun of the teen star’s three calculator apps, creating memes and discussion threads on her Youtube channel and other social media sites. They were intrigued by what the other two calculators are for.

Images capture of video via Youtube (PEP)

Many speculate that aside from the most obvious use of a calculator, it could also serve as a secret vault which could function as secret folders for photos, videos, and other sensitive files.

Images capture of video via Youtube (PEP)

Recently, in an ambush interview with PEP, Andrea was asked for her reaction to the recent interest of netizens regarding the calculators on her phone. She said she was a bit surprised when they made a big deal out of it.

She said, “Kasi it’s just a calculator. Nakakatulong siya with math. And alam niyo naman na nagwo-work din ako. So, hindi din ako naka-focus sa school. So, kailangan ko din malaman these things. Kung ilan man ‘yon, wala ‘kong care. It’s just a calculator!”

[Because it’s just a calculator. It’s helpful with Math. And you know I am also working. So I am not just focused to school. So I also need to know these things. Whatever the number of my calculators are, I don’t care.]

So whatever it may be, let’s just respect her privacy.

Here’s her reaction as shared by Pep on Youtube: