Anyare? Netizen’s cellphone order turns into medicine delivery

Image capture of Facebook post by Pronie Gulapa Hipolito
  • Social media user posted a video and photos of a supposed cellphone order delivery from an online seller
  • Pronie Gulapa Hipolito doubted the delivery as it seemed very light contrary to his expected cellphone delivery
  • The box he opened yielded an empty bottle of medicine

Cellphone na sana, naging gamot pa?

A Facebook user, Pronie Gulapa Hipolito, posted on Tuesday, June 26, a video and some photos involving his order from a well-known online seller.

Apparently, because he doubted a small box which was supposed to be a cellphone delivery because of it being too light to be a mobile unit, he asked to be videoed as he was opening it.

He even mentioned in the video a recent incident that went viral on social media pertaining to a package which contained rocks instead of a mobile phone; hence, his being wary.

Alas! Turns out he wasn’t mistaken in suspecting that it was indeed too light to be his expected item.

Instead of the cellphone he ordered, the delivery people had given him a box containing an empty bottle of antibiotics, specifically an amoxicillin trihydrate.

Image capture of Facebook post by Pronie Gulapa Hipolito

Netizens were alarmed, especially as there had been previous reports of “misdeliveries“. While some shared similar problems encountered in their online orders, there were skeptics who doubted the honesty of the clip after seeing how easily Hipolito opened the box.

Some said the well-known online seller always pack their deliveries with bubble wraps and it isn’t easy to open their packages. However, others were quick to defend Hipolito as being a man of integrity and a respected man in their community. Others also said that it’s because the package has been tampered with; hence, it’s not the original wrapping of the online seller.

Hipolito, meanwhile, commented in response to doubters that the problem lies NOT with the popular online seller. However, the questionable incident, he said, has to be reported to the company. He further posted that it’s not the delivery people who’s responsible since they are the ones who face clients.

The problems lies, he believes so, with the warehouse and the packaging staff.

Image capture of Facebook post by Pronie Gulapa Hipolito

What happened next?

Apparently, the matter has been reported to the online seller and they have reached out to Sir Hipolito and even apologized over the unpleasant incident. The matter, the company reportedly said, will be duly investigated to find out where the problem originated.

Meanwhile, a lesson is to be learned here.

Make sure you open deliveries in front of delivery people BEFORE paying for your orders. In fairness, not all deliveries by online sellers are faulty or treacherous.

Let’s go back to caveat emptor — Let the buyer beware.