Backstreet Boys finally explain ‘I Want It That Way’ lyrics after 19 years

Image by Backstreetboys' YouTube video and tweet
  • ’90s boyband Backstreet Boys explained ‘I Want It That Way’ lyrics through social media
  • A model tweeted her confusion and to every fan’s surprise, the band itself responded
  • “I Want It That Way” was released on April 12, 1999, as the lead single from BSB’s third studio album, Millennium

Chrissy Teigen, a model, known for her funny remarks, was also curious like every Backstreet Boys (BSB) fan, and so she took to Twitter to finally get some answers from the band for everyone else who wondered what the lyrics to the hit song “I Want It That Way” really mean.

She first stated the lyrics: “I never wanna hear you say, ‘I want it that way’ cause i want it that way”.

She then followed with questions such as:

  • “He doesn’t wanna hear it because he is the one that wants it that way?”
  • “He wants to be the one to say it?”
  • “Also what is ‘it’?”
Image by Christine Teigen’s tweet

Surprisingly, BSB responded to Christine’s query, with thousands of fans eavesdropping:

  • “Don’t wanna hear you say that you want heartaches and mistakes… or to be 2 worlds apart”
  • “We don’t want you to want “it” that way – that’s the way we want it… for you to not want it that way.”
Image by Backstreet Boys’ tweet

And so, there we go. If it still confuses you, here’s an explanation in Filipino: “Ayaw kong marinig kang nagsasalita na gusto mo ng mga kirot sa puso at pagkakamali. Para bang ayaw ko na ganun ang gustuhin mo—at yun ang gusto ko, na wag ganun ang gustuhin mo.”

I Want It That Way” was released on April 12, 1999, as the lead single from their third studio album, Millennium. The pop ballad talks about a relationship strained by matters of emotional or physical distance. The song was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Song and Record of the Year.

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