Class act! Senegal fans help to clean up World Cup stadium after beating 1-2 Poland

Image capture of video via SOFOO's YouTube account
  • Jubilating in the victory, the Senegal fans nevertheless took the time to clean up their section of the stadium
  • Their team became the first African side to register a win in the 2018 Fifa World Cup, stunning Poland 2-1 at the Spartak Stadium on Tuesday

The best thing you will see today.

After their team became the first African side to register a win in the 2018 Fifa World cup, stunning Poland 2-1 at Spartak Stadium on Tuesday, the Senegalese fans showed the world how to have some class following a victory.

While supporters could have been forgiven for celebrating in the stands with reckless abandon, videos have instead been going viral showing fans methodically cleaning up after themselves in the emptying stadium.

A clip shared by World Cup 2018 Twitter account via TyC Sports showed fans scouring the stands for rubbish and assembling it in a single pile.

“Senegal fans cleaning their section before leaving the stadium after their historic victory against Poland. This is class. The best thing you will see today,” the Twitter post states.

The video has been viewed more than 6.52- million times as of posting.

The 2-1 victory was the first and only African win in the first round of matches, after Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia all lost their opening games. A few hours after Senegal’s win, Egypt then also lost its second match, 3-1 against Russia.