Doctor daughter of EB’s Jose Manalo shares the cool and loving nature of her father

Images via Myki Manalo's Instagram account
  • Comedian Jose Manalo’s daughter Dr. Myki Manalo shared a surprising side of her dad
  • Fathers’ Day brought out the daughter in her

It’s hard to imagine perhaps that a comedian like Jose Manalo of Eat Bulaga! would have a serious side.

But a Father’s day message from his daughter, Dr. Myki Manalo, tells us that yes, Jose as a father could be one cool and loving dad to his children.

On her Instagram account, Dr. Myki shared an anecdote from the past involving her father, who’s now 52, and her in a heartwarming moment.

“I remember this one time back in college when I had personal problems and I was being particularly difficult. I didn’t attend all my classes one day, even missed an exam, and you caught me.”

Apparently, her dad Jose didn’t show any signs of being mad at her. Instead, he took his daughter to an ice cream place near DLSU and just remained quiet.

She went on to narrate that she eventually cried so hard and simply couldn’t stop. Her dad just hugged her and they stayed like that for a long while.

She revealed being more emotional in her next lines for her father.

“No words were needed. You understood me. You always stood by my side. Your mere presence was enough to get me through. I yearn for it daily. I miss you, daddy. Please keep yourself healthy and happy. Happy father’s day!”

Image via Myki Manalo’s Instagram account

The 26-year-old lady doctor earned a psychology degree from the De La Salle University in 2012 and finished studying medicine at the Far Eastern University– Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF) in 2016. She passed the Physician Licensure Examination in 2017.

At present, according to a GMA News story, she’s a resident at the sugery department of the Capitol Medical Center.