“Excited magbuntis!” Yeng Constantino admits she can’t wait to be a mother

Images by Yeng Constantino via Facebook page
  • Yeng Constanto shared that she is excited to be a mother soon
  • She isn’t pregnant yet but has heard the news of Sitti who is pregnant and Jolina Magdangal who gave birth
  • She asked Erik Santos to be her future child’s godfather

Yeng Constanto is ecstatic at the though of being pregnant. On her latest vlog via her Youtube channel, the singer shared her excitement.

After Yeng’s funny antics and a quick tour of her daily life as she prepares inside her dressing room, she shared feeling overwhelmed with her fellow singers all ready to become a mother.

She said, “Excited na ako magbuntis. Nakita ko nga post ni ate Sitti buntis siya and ate Jolens (Jolina Magdangal), kakapanganak lang kagabi.” [I’m excited to be pregnant. I saw the post of Sitti that she’s pregnant and Jolina Magdangal just gave birth last night.]

Erik Santos, who was with Yeng, told her that she might get pregnant tonight. To which Yeng laughed, “Agad agad?” [That fast?]

Yeng also made Erik commit to be a godfather to her future child.

She said, “Basta, Erik, ‘pag ako nabuntis alam mo na, ninong ka, huwag mong tatakasan ang inaanak mo.” [Remember Erik, when I get pregnant you will be a godfather. Don’t hide from your godchild.]

Yeng has been married for three years to husband Yan Asuncion. Early this year, Yeng admitted that she and her husband are both introverts and as much as they love each other, they still need space away from each other.

You can watch Yeng’s vlog from her Youtube channel:

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