Facebook launches new streaming platform to lure e-sports fans

Image capture of video via TradeChat;s' YouTube account
  • Facebook launched Friday a new gaming video “destination” that combines all the live and pre-recorded gaming videos posted on the social network
  • Labeled as FB.GG despite the portal’s longer real-world address

Facebook launched Friday a new platform devoted to streaming video game play and commentary as it hopes to lure e-sports fans.

The application was launched to catch up with the major players in this sector; Amazon-owned Twitch and Google´s YouTube.

Gaming creator program lead John Imah and product manager Nick Miller described the new venue online at fb.gg as a “gaming video destination” that Facebook recently began testing.

“People will be able to discover gaming video on our new destination based on creators and games they follow, pages they like and groups they belong to,” Imah and Miller said in a blog post.

Image capture of video via
Wall Street Journal’s YouTube account

Live and recorded gaming video are aggregated at the social network´s new portal, according to Imah and Miller.

“Many people already watch gaming videos in News Feed, Groups and Pages, and we want to do more to help creators get discovered and reach new fans,” Imah and Miller said.

Back in January, Facebook launched its own version of Twitch’s Partner Program with its own “gaming creator pilot program,” which is designed to lure streamers away from Twitch and YouTube’s more popular gaming hubs with tipping-style monetization options and at least the promise of bigger reach. Of course, Twitch remains the leader in this space when it comes to live streaming, and YouTube the leader for pre-recorded video. Facebook wants to be a destination for both.