Help Tatay Pedak: Netizen seeks help to find kin of sick homeless man who asked for some medicines

  • An old homeless man sought help from a woman for some medicines to help ease the pain he was feeling
  • The woman went back to the old man during the wee hours of the morning amid strong rains and wind
  • Another netizen gave assistance to the old man

A netizen, Fajilan Nikki Marjorie, posted on her Facebook account a photo of a homeless old man who asked her for some medicines to help ease the pain he was feeling from his arthritis. She named the old man as tay Pedak who was by then quivering from the cold and crying from sheer pain. She tried to comfort tay Pedak and told him to continue to pray and to never lose faith.

The old man had replied he’s always praying, and that he also prays for the Lord to come and take him soon so he would be free from the hardship of his life.

“Lagi ako nagdarasal…sana kunin na lang ako ni Lord. Sana mamatay na lang ako kasi hirap na hirap na ako dito.”

Tay Pedak, according to Nikki has an older sister, Catherine; “SANA MADALAW DAW SIYA NG KAPATID NIYA NA SI ATE CATHERINE NIYA… KAHIT DALAW LANG.”

Nikki, in her post also called on the kin of tay Pedak as well as his children, because he needs to be taken cared of. She gave an address where tay Pedak could be found; Barangay Labas Santa Rosa Bayan loob Laguna Olympia Riles


Nikki and some concerned citizens tried to help tay Pedak in other ways; even attempted to turn him over to the barangay to be rescued, but the old man was adamant on his decision to stay where he was. So Nikki and her group instead tried to make him as comfortable as possible by feeding him and cleaning up his chosen spot. She shared some photos and videos on her FB account. God bless you, Nikki!

Click the image to see the photos via Nikki’s FB account


It is not clear how tay Pedak became alone and homeless but another netizen, Charles Genrick Egalla, on his social media account also posted about tay Pedak.

Marahil iilan satin kilala na siya, siya yung matanda na nasa lagpas riles sa olympia o bago mag riles. Kilala ko na si tatay pedak almost 2 years, sobrang nakakablessed si tatay pedak maybe other people will say “ayoko ng bigyan ng pera yan nagiinom lang kase yan, sayang lang kapag dadaan ako tagay naman ng tagay” but yes pinangiinom lang niya yon para kahit papano malimutan niya yung pain na nararamdaman niya na sakit sa katawan, much better is kung ano yung nakikita naten wag po tayong magbase don kse hinde po naten alam kung ano yung mga nangyayare, pano ko nasabi to kse nakakausap ko na siya before and nakita ko ulit siya.

Together with some friends they helped tay Pedak by giving him an umbrella, shirts, jacket, and a long bench which would be a big help.

“Yung life ni tatay Pedak is an inspiration na kung anuman pinagdadaanan niya is He’s praying pa din na makita niya yung mga kamaganak niya and gumaling siya para makapagtrabaho na ulit.” he added in his post.

He also shared a video of tatay Pedak singing some gospel songs:

He and Nikki also shared photos/videos of a now clean and newly hair-groomed tatay Pedak. When people come together to help change someone’s life, it’s truly amazing! We’re hoping his family may soon come to hear about him and take him home. Hold on, tatay Pedak!