Holy Crab: Woman says she saw Jesus on a horseshoe crab shell

Image via Holy Crab Facecbook's account
  •  A photographer from Florida is telling the world she has found Jesus — on the shell of a horseshoe crab
  • Cathy Rader said her friend found a horseshoe crab shell while they were walking on New Smyrna Beach and gave it to her

A woman from Florida reportedly said she made a spiritual discovery as she has found Jesus – on the back of a horseshoe crab.

The so-called image was found on a horseshoe crab shell that her friend gave to her after finding it on Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna Beach.

According to Inside Edition, Cathy Rader, a photographer, had recently quit her job to work full time on a picture book about her town.

“I was doing devotionals that I do in the morning. God spoke to me and said ‘if you will wait, I will give you perfection’,” Rader said.

After that conversation, Rader says the image appeared on the crab shell.

“I went past it and I noticed something and I looked back and it looked like the face of Jesus and I kind of chuckled to myself and said, ‘that’s funny,’ it kind of does,” Rader said.

“We call him Jesus crab,” she added.

Posted by Holy Crab on Thursday, May 24, 2018

At first, she reportedly didn’t believe it and started Googling for images of the top of a horseshoe crab shell. She found hers looked totally different.

Currently, the shell is now on display at a local library in the town, where it’s protected by a glass case and security.

“Not everyone is going to see Christ and that is totally fine,” she said; adding, “It is something for me.”

Rader also said that,  “We need a sign because the news around the world is so bad” and she hopes that the story of the shell can bring encouragement and joy to others.